Chocolate sable

Ay/at bc/* C/* D/* P/* U/*

Chocolate sable is the softer, lighter and warmer version of sable.

Shs chocolate sable Noddyn Tourmaline
b. & o. Satu Karhumaa, pic: Arttu Väisälä

Chocolate sable is the chocolte dilution of sable (bc/*, sable has B/*), and has a warm, red and soft colouring. Unfortunately it doesn't differ enough from sable and therefore won't be standardized (I think only the Swedish mouse club has standardized chocolate sable). Mice looking exactly like chocolate sables can be genetically sables.

There's no use in trying to deliberately breed chocolate sables, so I won't give any instructions for doing so. Existing chocolate sables with good deep brown shadings and red belly (and good type + size) can be used to breed chocolate tans.