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Dove (d)

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"The colour should be a soft dove grey. Eye pink."

Breeding information below the pictures.


Non-satin doves have a tendency of having their colour seem somewhat uneven and mealy.

SH dove doe Rapunzel's Gone With The Wind
b. & o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Anniina Tuura & Arttu Väisälä


Nice and even colour.

SHS dove doe Rapunzel's Moonlight
b. & o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä


Quite too dark a shade of dove.

LHS dove doe Knuspergardens Chick Chick
b: Maiju Collan, o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä

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Quick Look

The dove was originally produced in the early 1900's by mating blacks to champagnes, then mating the resulting blacks together. Dove is genetically a pink eyed black. Dove is also genetically akin to silver (pink eyed blue or to put it another way, diluted dove), which is a good outcross to improve size and type. Mice with light noses and tail set-ons shouldn't be used for breeding. If there aren't any doves to start with, it is easier to produce them by mating champagne to silver, with doves appearing in the first litter.