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Fawn (fa)

Ay/* B/* C/* D/* p/p u/u, or
Ay/* bc/* C/* D/* p/p u/u
C/* e/e p/p

"The colour can be described as the deepest tan as on a black tan. Eye pink."

Breeding information below the pictures.


Fawn of a good, clear colour.

SHS fawn doe Noddyn Psyche
b: Satu Karhumaa, o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Anniina Tuura & Arttu Väisälä


This mouse has too dark a colour for a fawn. If it had black eyes, it could pass for a Red.

SHS fawn buck Rapunzel's The Maquis
b, o. & pic: Anniina Tuura

e/e p/p

sh fa doe (e/e)
b. Nadine Dobrunz (G), ow. Satu Karhumaa
pic: Anniina Tuura

Recessive red tends to look better as fawn.

Note: This article is old and waiting to be rewritten.

Quick Look

Fawn is genetically a pink-eyed red and it suffers from the same faults. A good fawn mouse is only slightly lighter than red, as the effect of the pink eyes isn't that strong on red background. Fawn to fawn is the best mating, good outcrosses being champagne tan (or champagne, if tan isn't available). This shouldn't be used too often or top colour will suffer, becoming too pale. Light colour can be improved with mating to a red, which produces only reds but when mated back to a fawn should give fawns, too. Crossing to a good red can be used to breed out sootiness.