Blue Agouti (bl-ag)

A/A B/* C/* d/d P/*, or
A/a B/* C/* d/d P/*, or
A/A B/* C/* D/* ln/ln P/*, or
A/a B/* C/* D/* ln/ln P/*

"Blue agouti is like the normal agouti except the golden brown pigment is diluted into yellowish tinge and black pigment into blue. Undercolour deep slate. Belly and feet to match top. Eye black."

Breeding information below the pictures.

shs blue agouti buck, ab. 5 wks old.

b., ow. & pic: Mari Siirilä

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Same mouse as above.

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Blue Agouti

Quite a brown mouse for a blue agouti. Could have leaden, which doesn't cut down red pigment, unlike blue dilution d.

SH Blue Agouti doe Hyacint
b. & o. Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä

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Quick Look

Blue agouti is genetically a agouti carrying the diluting blue factor. It was created by mating agouti to blue and the resulting agouti mice back to a Blue or mated together. Further breeding is blue agouti to another. As an outcross either blue or agouti depending on the colour of the blue agouti mice.