Cinnamon (ci)

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"The Cinnamon shall be a rich golden tan, lustrous in colour and level throughout top and under, with rich brown ticking clearly defined. No black ticking. Eyes black."

Breeding information below the pictures.


Beautiful cinnamons, with white spotting and without. Although satin cinnamons can be rather difficult to get nice and showy, these ones have their colour right.

Shs cinnamons from Thapsus mousery
b., o. & pic: Meri Orrainen


Nice example of cinnamon, with good redness. The colour of hair roots is showing through slightly on the back, furthermore there is a slight concentration of ticking on the back. Feet, ears and tail have good pigmentation.

SH Cinnamon doe Evening Star's Peach Cobbler
b. & o. Carita Tiikkainen
pic: Arttu Väisälä


Cinnamons tend to look nicer as non-satin. This particular mouse lacks warmth in colour.

SHS cinnamon doe Cissy
b. & o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä

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Quick Look

The cinnamon is similar to the agouti except that it has no black pigment, which is diluted into brown. Cinnamon has warmth in colour, being a tan mouse with even chocolate ticking throughout the top and belly. Genetically, cinnamon is chocolate agouti. Like with the agouti, outcross with red would improve colour but again at the cost of type, size and ticking. If the cinnamon lacks ticking, an outcross to chocolate tan or chocolate can be used.