Silver Fawn (s-fa)

Ay/* B/* C/* D/* P/* si/si (black eyed)
Ay/* B/* C/* D/* p/p si/si (pink eyed)
-- -- C/* e/e P/* Ln/ln si/si (black eyed)
-- -- C/* e/e p/p Ln/ln si/si (pink eyed)

"The ground colour should deep bright orange. The undercolour bright orange. Eyes red or black. The silvering should be even throughout, carried well onto the feet."

Breeding information below the picture.

Silver Fawn

As you can see, silvering doesn't show as well on a silver fawn mouse as on a silver grey.

SH silver fawn buck Fawn Rapunzel's Data's Day
b., o. & pic: Anniina Tuura

Silver Fawn

Closer look at the silvering. The mouse is the same one as above.

Note: This article is old and waiting to be rewritten.

Quick Look

Silver fawn is genetically either silvered fawn or red and it can be produced by mating fawn or red to any other silver variety. After that concentrate on the rich ticking and red colour! Do note, that the colouring required on a silver fawn is not red, but orange - a bright colour, brighter than Fawn.

Like I have mentioned with the silver brown, it is important for the breeder to keep all babies until the age when the silvering starts to show, or she might end up having nothing but un-silvered mice...

Unlike with the other silvered varieties, silver fawn tends to lose silvering from certain age onwards. This adds another difficulty to breeding them.