V - Dove Tan (d/t)

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"Eyes pink. The colour should be a soft dove grey. The tan belly shall be a rich golden orange hue, as rich as possible and there should be a clear line of demarcation between top colour and tan running in a straight line along flanks, chest and jaws. There should be no brindling or guard hairs. Colour of feet should be inside tan, the remainder of foot the same as top colour. Wholly tan feet considered a greater fault than feet all same colour as top."

Breeding information below the pictures.

dove tan

SH dove tan doe SNL Ch Rapunzel's Ballade
b. & o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä

dove tan

SHS dove tan doe VRP-01 FIN MVA SNL GrCh
Rapunzel's Living Daylights
b. & o: Anniina Tuura
pic: Arttu Väisälä

Light, somewhat mealy top, good tan. Note the common faults of tan around the ears and rising up at the nose and tail root.

SH dove tan buck Rapunzel's Mr. Bo
b., ow. & pic: Anniina Tuura

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Note: This article is old and waiting to be rewritten. The article exists and is waiting for translation.

Quick Look

Dove tan is the pink eyed version of the black tan. Thus it has the strongest tan of the pink-eyed tans. Furthermore, it is rather easy to breed to standard. The pink eyed dilution does not have a strong effect on the red pigment of the tan belly and this is the reason why the combination of light top and relatively dark belly is possible.

With the same principal as with the champagne tan, you will need to introduce the pink eye gene p to a black tan in order to get dove tans. Any black group pink eyed color will do the trick.