8. ae - Extreme Nonagouti

ae is the lowest recessive in the a-locus and is recessive to all other genes in the a-locus. It is the last but not least in the series. This gene removes all tan from the mouse.

8.1. Homozygous Forms

ae/ae results in a jet black mouse (of course only when there are no dilutes present). "Extreme black" mice are found in the best blacks of English breeders, as well as dark-pointed siameses and himalayans. Some US standards have written separate standards for ae/ae mice, calling them "super black" or "extreme black".


Black, ae/ae B/* C/* D/* P/*
pic: Anniina Tuura

When an ae/ae mouse has diluting genes present, the resulting varieties have deeper and darker colouring when compared to their a/a equivalents as well.

Being the lowest recessive of its locus, ae is very easy to lose when it is being transferred into new lines and colours. Once you have ae/ae mice, you can't mistake them for a/a mice, the difference is that noticeable. The tricky part is telling carriers from non carriers while creating a line.

8.2. Heterozygous Forms

ae does not show in any of its heterozygous forms.