The Finnish Mouse Club


Finnish Show and Pet Mice club is the official national Finnish mouse club. We are a registered nonprofit organization and a member of the main body of all Finnish rodent and rabbit clubs, Finnish Rabbit and Rodent Union / Suomen Kani- ja Jyrsijäliitto ry (SKJL). Our official Finnish language name is: Suomen Näyttely- ja lemmikkihiiret ry.

Our activities include arranging mouse shows, mouse fancier meetings, breeder gatherings, training for standard class mouse and spiny mouse judges as well as pet class judges for mice, spiny mice, zebra mice and natal multimammate mice and occasionally courses for pet owners. We also publish our quarterly newsletter in Finnish and keep mouse and breeder registries.

For information on our judges, breeders, shows etc, feel free to e-mail us! Links above lead to the Finnish language side of the site.