Much More Than "1+1 = Many"

Mice are a very interesting species for a hobby breeder. Not only is the animal itself such an eye-candy, there is a huge number of different varieties available. The coat varieties, coat colours and markings create a truly amazing amount of possibilites to breed - whether one's goal is to breed a variety towards perfection or just to breed interesting looking mice.

The Breeding Pages Include:

Other Species - Information on breeding spiny mice. Other articles are mouse focused, but the basics and selective breeding articles are a good read dor breeders of other species as well.

Basics! - This is the place to go for the essential information on mouse breeding. Here you can find the mouse reproduction fact sheet and the stages of mouse reproduction, the hugely important information you need to know before you start, what to do in case of a suprise litter, a look at possible problems and more.

Selective Breeding - Are you just increasing the numbers of your mice - or are you a selective, true breeder? This section discusses different methods of breeding mice: line breeding, strain breeding and inbreeding. Furthermore, there's an article about how selective breeding is more than just breeding.

Varieties - Mouse varieties according to the Finnish Mouse Club's Standards of Excellence and how to breed them.

Genetics - Quite a thorough look on mouse genetics.