Breeding Mice - The Basics

The Essentials of Mouse Breeding

If you are interested in starting to breed mice and are now educating yourself on the finer points of the art; if you are facing an accidental or surprise litter either by getting an already pregnant doe or having your mice get together by accident; if you are already a mouse breeder - this is the place to get information!

Breeding Essentials

Facts - Some Facts on Mice and Mouse Reproduction is a small page of "numerical information" on mice, as well as small notes of important data on mouse reproduction.

Before You Breed - Starting to breed or things you need to know beforehand deals with basic information you should know and consider before mating your mice.

Surprise Litter - This is a 'first aid kit' to help handling the situation of facing a surprise litter. Useful for first-time breeders as well.

Getting Babies - A Simpler article on what happens when a mouse gets babies and what you should do during each stage of the babies' development.

Eaten Young - Sometimes a doe eats her young. What did go wrong?

Sexing Mouse Young - How to tell the sexes of mouse babies apart?

On Culling - While controversial, culling can be backed up by scientific studies and is done for the benefit of the mice, not the breeder.