The Mouse Varieties and Breeding Them

The mouse varieties according to the Finnish Mouse Club's Standards of Excellence and how to breed them.

The Varieties

General Standard of Excellence - The over all appearance of a show mouse.

Coats - The coat varieties of mice.

Self (I) - The varieties with uniform, solid colouring.

Ticked (II) - The varieties having hairs of different colour than the "basic colour" intermingled in the coat, often having different colour layers in single hairs as well.

Silvered (III) - The varieties with white hairs intermingled in coat of "basic colour".

Shaded and Pointed (IV) - The varieties with coat colour patterns where there are areas of differing colour on the mouse, i.e. points (like on a Siamese) or the back of the mouse darker than the sides and under (like on a Sable). Un-shaded pointed varietes (like himalayan) are in this class as well.

Tan (V) - The first set of varieties with a distinctive belly colour. Tan has a reddish belly.

Fox (V) - The second set of varieties with a distinctive belly colour. Fox has a white belly.

Marked (VI) - The varieties that have either coloured markings on a white background or white markings on a coloured background (except with Tricolor, where there are three colours present).

Provisional (VII) - The varieties that aren't yet fully standardized.

Unstandardised (VIII) - The varieties that haven't yet been admitted to provisional standards.

Non-standardizable - The varieties that are not eligible for standardization.

Table of Varieties - The varieties listed on a single page.

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