Shaded and Pointed

Colorpoint Beige (cpb)

a/a B/* ce/ch D/* P/*

"Eyes black. body colour to be like with beige. Points, which are as dark as possible, are like with the siamese."

Breeding information below the pictures.

An adult lhsa cpb mouse.

Lhsa cpb doe Apollon Sessa
b., ow. & pic: Maria Kallio.

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shs cpb buck
b., ow., & pic: Kaisu Airaksinen

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shs cpb doe Rapunzel's Start-Up
b., ow. & pic: Anniina Tuura

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Quick Look

Colourpoint beige is a variety similar to himalayan and burmese as it's a variety which is heterozygous in the c-locus. In colourpoint beige, the mouse has one himalayan gene ch and one extreme dilution gene ce.

In order to get colourpoint beige, simply mate a siamese seal point with a beige and you'll get a whole litter of colourpoint beiges. Being heterozygous, mating two colourpoint beige mice together will give you colourpoint beige, Siamese Seal Point and beige. If beige is not available, you can use bone with the Siamese. This will give you siamese seal point, colourpoint beige and himalayan. A couple of other possible starting combinations are himalayan x beige (giving colorpoint beige and bone) and himalayan x bone (giving bone, himalayan and PEW).