Shaded and Pointed

Siamese Blue Point (sbp)

a/a B/* ch/ch d/d P/* or
a/a B/* ch/ch D/* ln/ln P/*

"Eyes red. Body colour silvery blue (the bluer the better), gradually shaded over saddle and hind quarters, merging gradually with body colour and being darkest at the tail root. The belly should be as near as possible in colour and shadings. White belly to be penalized. Points to be medium slate blue (as in the normal blue standard) and points shall be present in muzzle, ears, feet, tail and tail root. There should not be a definite or distinctive line of demarcation but rather a toning in or merging with the remainder of the coat. At all times there should be a harmonious balance between body colour, shadings and points. There should not be any blotches, streaks or white hairs."

Breeding information below the pictures.

shs sbp Täysikuun Pata
b. Pia Vesala, pic: Hanna Wallenius

BOB winning mouse.

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sh sbp buck Rapunzel's Maelstrom
b., ow & pic: Anniina Tuura

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Siamese Blue Point

SBP with nice, good points. Lacks a bit shadings, though.

SH siamese blue point buck Tuned To Blue
o: Hilkka Haljala
pic: Arttu Väisälä

Siamese Blue Point

Note the difference between the colours of a blue point and a seal point.

LHS siamese blue point buck Rapunzel's The Siege (left), b. Anniina Tuura
LHS siamese seal point doe Stjärnvindens Ganymeda (right), b. Anna Mattisson Nilsson
a. & pic: Anniina Tuura

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Quick Look

Siamese blue point (or blue point siamese) is the blue based form of siamese mice. Genetically it's a Blue mouse with two himalayan genes (ch/ch).

In order to get aiamese, both parents should carry the himalayan gene. If there are no aiamese blue points to start with, these can be bred by using the following method: siamese seal point is mated with a Blue. The resulting blacks are mated together, as they carry both himalayan and blue dilution. When the resulting blues are mated together, there should be some siamese blue points born. In order to deepen the point colour, siamese blue points should be mated to blues carrying the himalayan gene.

The faults to monitor closely are white belly (which is genetically caused by tan gene) and white in the tail, which are both (as most faults) hard to breed out once they're bred in a strain. White bellies get into siamese strains usually from himalayans, where the white belly isn't usually seen until the mouse ages andthe body color darkens - or getting young with a distinctive fox belly.

The extreme non agouti gene ae produces very excellent looking, dark siamese blue points.