Zebra Mice

Zebra mouse

Zebra mouse, picĀ Arttu Väisälä.

Zebra mice are still rather unknown, charming little pets. They are long and lean in type and otherwise about the size of a small gerbil. Their adorable stripy colouring resembles the looks of wild boar piglets.

Stripes Are the Thing:

Starting Up - Basics - What you need to know before you go and get your very first pet zebra mice.

Care - How to take proper care of your zebra mice; basic care information, proper housing, and getting zebra mice to accept each others (grouping).

Feeding - From basics to the finesses including vitamins and deficiency diseases.

Wild Zebras - Interesting data on different species of zebra mice.

Zebra mice have long type and the size of a small gerbil, although longer and leaner. The head is quite large proportionally and connects to the body without a distinctive neck. The eyes are small and whiskers short. Ears are round, held near the head and hairy. The coat has dark brown and light stripes from head to tail, there are different shades of striping. On the back, from the neck to the tail, there is a black stripe. Belly is light or totally white.

On some mice, there is a line of orangish coloured hairs on the demarcation line between top and belly colour. The feet are brazen coloured. The coloration of the head differs from mouse to mouse - some have striped head, some have a head that is coloured according to the dominant colour on their body. The tail is very long and dark. There is very short, sparse and colourless hair on the tail.